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How to Create Travel Videos with your iPhone.

 Video is a great way to increase engagement on social media. The key is to keep it short and to the point. How to Create Travel Videos with your iPhone. (PDF)

How to Create Memes

Memes are probably one of the most shared graphics on the internet and social media today. They’re pretty easy to make too, even if you’ve never made one before! We’ll show you how.  How to create a Meme. (PDF)

Social Media Board

Need Inspiration on what to post? Get inspired by social media rockstars and shareable content. Get Social! >

How to Market While on an Apple Vacations FAM

As a travel agent, your friends and followers probably come to your page to get inspired for future trips. Take a look at how you can market your agency while on an Apple Vacations FAM. How to Market on a FAM (PDF)

Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat with Carry On

Carry On is the official online magazine of Apple Vacations highlighting interesting people, places and things to do in destination.

Boosting Posts on Twitter

Learn the best way to promote your business on Twitter.
How to Boost Posts (PDF)


Finding New Customers with the power of Social Media

Social Media is a great tool in finding new customers for yourself. From local events to partnering with other local businesses, you’ll reach more potential fans with the power of Social Media. Finding New Customers (PDF)


Learn the best way to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram. 
Facebook Best Practice (PDF)

Instagram Best Practice (PDF)

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