Preferred Partner Cooperative Advertising


Who Qualifies:

Travel agencies that have achieved Preferred Partner status of Golden Apple or above with Apple Vacations.

Please note: If your agency is part of a host or Consortia, and you book with Apple Vacations using their IATA # please check with them before submitting a request to receive approval to use their funds for your marketing activity. You must submit that approval or have the Host/Consortia make the request on your behalf.

Process Summary:

  • On behalf of your agency, please submit a completed Travel Agency Co-op Request Form 14 days prior to the first deadline for any advertising in which funds from Apple Vacations are needed. The Travel Agency Co-op form can be found in step #4.
  • All ads and event marketing materials must be approved by Apple Vacations prior to running. Ad must include a price point and/or a value proposition with specific offers that can be considered. Apple Vacations and the approved hotel partner must be the only partners listed.
  • Once the ad has been submitted, to for approval, please allow up to 72 hours to receive a response. Do not run the advertising without receiving a reply to your request unless you would like to risk reimbursement.
  • Submit for reimbursement.

Step #1: Review Cooperative Guidelines
Step #2: Review All Media Options and Find Local Opportunities

Step 2: Review All Media Options and Find Local Opportunities

What can be submitted:
• Most often approved submissions:
• Newspaper
• TV
• Billboards
• Radio
• Facebook / Twitter sponsored or paid posts
• Events (i.e. Third Party Bridal shows and Travel shows)
• Banners on a third party travel websites or pre-approved websites
• Events and Prize Certificates**

**For Events please contact your Business Development Manager.
**For Prize Certificates for 2 air seats please contact Inside Sales.

Newspaper Ad Templates:
Sample Travel Agent Ads
• Required Disclaimers & PC# Legal

Radio Ad Templates**:
Sample Script A
Sample Script B
Sample Script C
Sample Script D

TV Ad Templates**:
• New HD! The Dominican Republic 60 sec TV
• Cancun – Why Wait? Book Now
• Want our TV ad customized for you? First, watch this sample commercial, then fill out the form, send it in, and we will produce it for you.

** We do not coop radio or TV ads that are a total of 15 seconds as it does not leave enough time to reach our marketing standards.

Digital Media Templates:
• Banner 
Social Media Ad

In-Person Event:
If you would like co-op to be used toward an event, please consider the following options:
• Modifiable Flier 
• Weekly Sale Flyers 
– Choose gateway or land only under “Weekly eFlyers” to view)
• Prize Certificate

Postcards *coop restrictions apply

Don’t see what you are looking for here? Getting creative? – Email Juliana Gover at with your ideas.

IMPORTANT: When including pricing in your ad, you must use the proper legal. Please visit Required Disclaimers & PC# Legal for our disclaimers. Note: you may need to change the wording based on the gateways and destinations you are advertising.

Step #3: Consider Your Ideal Hotel Partner

Step #3: Consider Your Ideal Hotel Partner
Take into consideration, who and what you are targeting with your advertising.

2018 Hotelier Co-Op Partners*
– Barceló Hotels & Resorts
– Bahia Hotels & Resorts†
– Breathless Resorts & Spas
– Couples Resorts†
– Dreams Resorts & Spas
– Hard Rock Hotels†
– Now Resorts & Spas†
– Oasis Hotels & Resorts†
– Palladium Hotels & Resorts†
– Riu Hotels & Resorts†
– Secrets Resorts & Spas
– Sunscape Resorts & Spas

*Co-operative hotel partners constantly change and may not always be available. Please continue with request form to see your current availability. Additional co-operative hotel partners may be available for select gateways and advertising.
†Co-op for these hotel partners are by pre-approval request only.

Step #4: Submit Your Request

Step #4: Submit Your Request for Agent Co-op:
• Complete the 2019 Co-op Advertising Request Form request form by clicking here
• Review the Weekly Specials Grid for the best deals – sort by price, departure city and duration.

*If this is a request for a full trip in exchange for marketing, please click here to submit your request with the necessary details.

Step #5: Submit for Co-Op Reimbursement

Step #5: Submit for Co-op Reimbursement:
Co-op reimbursement takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process from the time that all back-up and invoicing is received.

Email the following elements to within 30 days of your advertisement/segment run date, or your event conclusion. Below are the items needed on file to receive your reimbursement. (Please refer to all that apply to your media choice).

  • Copy of your ad:
    • Newspaper/Print- etearsheet from newspaper
    • Radio – A Notarized Station Affidavit with Radio and/or Television Minutes
    • TV – Provide a link to your TV Segment
    • Digital Media- screenshot of ad running including where and when it ran
  • An original media paid invoice
  • Optional- invoice from agency for requested coop funds- traditionally 50%